Alcostopex – say « NO » to alcohol addiction!

  • Eliminates alcohol cravings
  • Regenerates damaged liver cells
  • Removes toxins from body
  • Soothes the nervous system
  • Without smell and taste
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Alcostopex – an efficient product that removes toxins from the body and mitigates alcohol cravings. The succinic acid and acacia extract contained in Alcostopex remove toxins from the body after alcohol consumption and have a regenerative effect.

Another extraordinary ingredient of the product – artichoke extract – helps to remove psychological alcohol addiction. The patented Alcostopex formula also contains Vitamin B6, since its deficit is common to all alcoholics. By delivering this vitamin to the body, Alcostopex mitigates alcoholic psychosis and further helps to give up on alcohol consumption.

Alcostopex does not have a distinctive taste nor smell – it can be easily dissolved in water. It therefore does not cause neither refusal nor addiction.